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Biometric Time Attendance

Clock-in and Clock-out using fingerprint biometrics on our beautifully designed and intelligently built a portable mobile device that is perfect for any location.


Capture Biometrics

Easily capture fingerprint information, photo, and data accurately & identify individuals in one hand-held device.

Manage Attendance

Biometric clock-in and clock-out solution all in one device.

Mobile at its core

Practical for when mobility is important. This fits gracefully in your palm.

No Network, No Problem

No network, no problem. Data is stored offline when there is no internet access.

Remote Connection

Great for outdoor and offsite use with SIM Card connectivity and support.

Clocking with GPS restriction

Restrict where employees can and cannot clock in and out from. By setting a geographical perimeter, employees are only allowed to clock in or out from the speciļ¬ed GPS location.

Easy to use

Simplify set up with quick and easy stand assembly; ergonomic design reduces user fatigue in scan-intensive applications.

Custom Integrations

Perhaps your processes require some level of customisation. Our solution can be easily customised to fit your needs.

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