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Loyalty & Gift Card Systems

A Loyalty & Gift Card System is an asset for any company. Boost customer spend. Incentivize and market to customers, drive recurring spending, increase revenues, and grow your business.


Loyalty Cards Improve retention rate & increase revenue.

Customer membership and registration system will enables you gather invaluable information about your customers. Send targeted & relevant offers.

A good Loyalty Card Scheme is a vital tool for business. You can influence your customer’s buying behavior which can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Member and visit registration system

Create your own loyalty schemes

Assign points, associate customer spends for fixed number/variable number of points.

Operate in store and digitally

Operate without the need for expensive hardware or software via any internet enabled device.

In-store & website self-registration.

Customer registration in-store or with website self-registration.

Website balance checker

Benefits For Merchants

Complete out of the box solution

There is no need for complex integration (unless required) as our mobile responsive Web Terminal can activate and load value in seconds utilizing already existing hardware.


Reusable Gift Cards

Realize savings with reloadable card accounts. You can also share paper-based tokens to credit customers when change is limited.

Track transactions

All transaction data is viewable in the back office in real-time. Analytic reports can be generated in a couple of clicks. It’s the perfect way to issue and manage gift cards for your customer base.

Increase in sales

Gift cards are easy to display and market in-store, giving additional sales of up to 50% in comparison with vouchers

Earn interest on each card

From the time of purchase to the time of use.

Avoid theft and fraud

Gift cards are issued and validated at time of purchase and contain security features to minimize theft and fraud.

Extra revenue

On average people spend 20% more than the card’s original value.

Extra profits

Benefit from the ‘float’ of unused money on Electronic Gift cards.

Less admin

Simpler to run than paper vouchers.

Gain extra customers

Typically your customers buy gift cards for their friends/family, giving you a new stream of customers.

Fewer discounts

Gift cards avoid the need to offer discounts which can add to the retailer’s profitability.

Know your liabilities

Real-time system that gives financial accounting by way of summary and transaction reports

Improve Cash Flow

There are significant cash flow benefits as money is taken ‘upfront’.

Reduced costs

No need to print vouchers and gift cards can be re-used many times.

Access anywhere

Cloud-based platform which enables you have access to your data from anywhere.

Benefits Of Gift Cards For Customer


Gift cards offer flexibility allowing the recipient to choose a gift to their liking.


Can be replaced if lost

Save time

A quick way to make the purchase.

Easy present

Great if you don’t know what to buy someone.


Easy to post to the recipient.

Flier & Card Service

Registering your customers is vital. Use our user provisioning package to ship out your loyalty cards directly to your customers.


Give your customers account registration from a branded website. Quick registration with printed cards. Quick redemption on the Staff/Admin App. Fill out a branded pre-printed registration form to help users claim account. This is invaluable information, so you will know who your customers are and will then be able to communicate with them. You can track segment information about your customers.


It’s all about marketing. The system allows you to build a database of all your clients and send out targeted mailshots to them on a regular basis, enticing them to come back and spend more.

  • Easily create good looking mailshots.
  • Send out automatic points balance and birthday offers
  • Drive-in business during off-peak times.
  • Send out offers, promotions, newsletters.
  • Target best customers lapsed customers, most frequent, etc.
  • Create double points offers


Our loyalty system gives you valuable data about your clients, which can be used in your marketing activities.


Loyalty systems and gift cards are great ways to boost customer spend, Incentivize, and market to your customers.

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