Ura Baker captures dreams and We combine global expertise and network to deliver unparalleled WOW results consistently; all the time Dynamism Our operational expertise ensures precision design and build, facility management, infrastructure construction and projects of various complexities and uniqueness.

Our Strategy

Ura Baker specialises in the effective planning, management and delivery of commercial, residential building and infrastructure projects. Working throughout Nigeria, our commitment is to deliver innovative solutions and efficient project delivery and seeing us grow an impressive portfolio of clients across a diverse range of industries. No matter the project, we work meticulously from concept through to completion to deliver a comprehensive, forward-thinking service.

Our Mission

Building ImPossibilities; Building Futures. Ura Bakers ambitious missions is to be the leading company in our chosen markets, sought after by potential clients and employees for our track record in reliable execution, cost effectiveness, and world class technical sophistication.

Our Business

Real Estate & Construction

Office, Retail & Commercial, Hospitality, Residential & Multifamily, Student Housing & Mixuse. Ura Baker specializes in the following fields: Residential d evelopmen t Commercial and mixed use development Land sourcing and development Marketing & Sale Renovation, Remodeling & Redesign Proper ty d evelopment and a c quisition funding Proper ty consultancy Engineering & Construction Infrastructure D evelopmen t Project Managemen


Utility, Transport, Energy, Realty & Social Infrastructure. We develop, build, project manage and maintain innovative and efficient infrastructure that makes for an enjoyable daily life and has capacity to spur economic growth thereby delivering value. Our global expertise ensures we deliver on large, complex and critical infrastructural project and services across sectors further providing key outsourced maintenance, upgrade and management services.

Private Equity & JV

Ura Baker sources, originate and manages superior; mouth watering real estate project opportunities for the most discerning investors; creating special purpose vehicles to fulfil the demands and requirements for each engagements. With projects diversified by sector and geography, we manage exceptional real estate investments for private and institutional investors; reducing exposure to movement in any single market and minimizing volatility. Our combined global expertise ensures we help investors generate stable superior returns by leveraging our operating expertise and focusing on our core capabilities whilst protecting our investors against downside risk